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Comprehensive and detailed information about my professional career can be found on my LinkedIn profile.

Photo Portfolio

Taking photographs has always been a passion for me. It started with my father’s old SLR, the Ricoh Singlex TLS, a camera back from the 60’s. Now I’m a Pentax enthusiast, own a Pentax K-3 DSLR. And to my surprise, in 2011 Pentax has been acquired by Ricoh; so, I’m back to my roots :)

Personal Blog

As much as I like to read, I also like to write when I get the inspiration. Sometimes it’s a short poem, another time just random thoughts.

Travel Blog

I went on a road trip with my wife and at the time 3.5-month-old son. We drove with our own car around Europe for more than 20.000 km while visiting 19 countries in 100 days. You can read about our adventures on this travel blog.

Classical Music

I listen to all genres of music, at least try not to limit myself to certain genres and try to keep an open ear for every other sound there is. However, classical music has a special place in my life. In order to educate myself more on classical music, I created this website, that would allow me to research and write whenever I am going to add content.

Sleep Apnea Syndrome

After I got married, my dear wife helped me to find out that I have Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome. After I was diagnosed, due to my nature, made lots of research and did lots of reading about my condition. After I saw that there weren’t any comprehensive websites in Turkish covering topics about Sleep Apnea, I decided to create this one.

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